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About Rayner Software

Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications. Started in 2002 by programmer and lifelong Mac user Ty Rayner, Rayner Software has been producing and releasing apps spanning a broad array of categories from games to aviation software to online privacy tools.

In addition to consumer applications, Rayner Software is heavily involved in server and infrastructure engineering. We maintain a number of high-availability servers at various points across the globe. This is primarily to support the NetShade Proxy & VPN service, but also to enable fast, efficient data delivery to the FlightKit app.

Rayner Software is registered as an LLC in the state of California.


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NetShade VPN, and a new website.
11/11/2012 San Jose, CA


E-mail    support@raynersw.com
Mail    Rayner Software LLC
111 West Saint John St.
Suite 1025
San Jose, CA 95113

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Return Policy
Any purchase made through our website may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Please contact us via the support form to request a refund. Purchases made through Apple's App Store must be refunded through Apple.

Purchasing System information & practices
The order page and the pages it communicates with all require encrypted transport using HTTPS. Credit card numbers are not stored on our server. Our servers are secure and have very limited access. Credit card orders are processed by Chase, using the Chase Paymentech system. Server communication between Rayner Software's server and the Chase server is secure and encrypted.

Privacy Policy
We do not share customer information. We maintain a database of software registration codes, as well as a database of orders. Each of these contains customer information. This information is considered private and privileged between the customer and Rayner Software. We will never sell or otherwise share customer information with any third party except when compelled by legal process to do so.

NetShade Legal & Data Retention

Acceptable Use

No person may use the NetShade Proxy and VPN servers in any illegal capacity, including but not limited to the unlicensed transfer of copyrighted materials, fraud, blackmail, spamming, threats to induce harm, or exploitation of a minor. Such cases may be subject to the disclosure policies defined below. No person may use NetShade in such a way as to cause deliberate harm to NetShade’s systems and services, including but not limited to DoS attacks or flooding. Such accounts will be deactivated.

Logging Policies

NetShade Proxy servers maintain activity logs for a limited amount of time. These logs are protected and reside on servers with very limited administrative access. Logs are considered highly privileged information.

NetShade VPN servers do not store logs of user activity. The IPSec VPN protocol does not allow for this level of logging. The VPN servers maintain logs of client connections and disconnections.

Data Disclosure

The divulgence of any portion of the NetShade accounts database or NetShade server logs to a third party shall generally require a court order or subpoena from a legitimate public authority. At our discretion, we may provide log information if we in good faith believe that our actions may prevent any heinous act, or preserve life or limb.

Gag Orders

In the weeks following the NSA information leaks, the public became aware of a legal device being used by the U.S. Government known as a “National Security Letter”. These letters are reserved for matters pertaining to national security. The letters are purportedly requests for information such as log or subscriber data, with a clause that bars the recipient from talking about the letter or its contents. This gag clause is the reason these letters' existence has only recently been revealed.

To date, we have never received such a letter. In the future that may no longer be the case, but please be aware that we will likely be unable to discuss the letter's existence or contents, should we receive one.

Use of Log Data

Activity log data will never be used for marketing, research, or any other purpose outside of those specified above. Log data or derivatives thereof shall never be offered for sale in any form to any party.

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